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Souvenirs To Buy in the Keys

Vacations—and the Florida Keys in general—present prime opportunities to find gifts to take home for yourself, and your loved ones. 

Down here in Key West, we get to showcase the best and most unique aspects of our island and region through the gifts and creations for sale in local shops. 

There are a slew of boutiques leading down to us on the drive from Miami that have their own special inventories.

As a part of our Florida Road Trip series, here are the best souvenirs to buy on your drive down the Keys. 

Conch Shells

The conch shell—those large, breathtaking shells with large, pinkish openings and magnificent spiraled shapes—is both a symbol for and a prized souvenir from Key West. When you’re down in the Keys, you can eat the snails that come from these shells in the form of delicious conch fritters, and you ought to take home a shell or two as a keepsake. 

At the top of your Key West Road Trip, you can start your search at Shell World in Key Largo. This shop has thousands of different shells for you to check out and take home. 

We also recommend visiting Shell Warehouse in Key West for all of your conch needs. 

Nautical Souvenirs

Every souvenir shop you hit on the way from Miami to Key West will have outdoorsy, tropical-themed nautical decor to enjoy on your trip, or when you get home. If you’re on the drive and you realize that somebody forgot a bathing suit, sandals, or a hat, then stop at any of these shops for a quick fix. 

Another trend of nautical souvenirs you’ll find at Keys shops will be marine-themed decor. Stop by The Mystical Mermaid in Islamorada—around halfway between Miami and Key West. We’re also fans of all the fishing-inspired decorations at Key West shop Saltwater Angler


Cigars are known to be made with the highest quality in the nearby Caribbean, and the Keys enjoys significant cultural influence that comes over from those countries to Florida. Cigars are one of the best souvenirs you can get on your road trip down to The Florida Keys. Rolled by experts with the finest tobacco and leaves in the world, you can enjoy smokes on par with those coming from Cuba and the Dominican Republic. 

Beginning at the top of your drive, you can check out Overseas Highway options near Key Largo at The Island Smoke Shop and Denny’s Liquors. In Islamorada, you can explore a wide variety of cigars from around the world at Cigars In The Keys. Finally, down here we send people to the Key West Cigar Club & Smoke Shop

Key West Clothes

Once you’ve finished your Florida Keys Road Trip, and you’re ready to relax, eat, drink, and shop in Key West, Florida, you can browse a unique variety of Key West clothes. Margaret Street shop Local Color has funky Key West shirts and accessories. It also sells tropically-themed designer jewelry, another area-specific takeaway to decorate yourself with. 

Key West Souvenirs

Those on the hunt for classic Key West souvenirs will find an endless variety of t-shirts, conch shells, necklaces, bracelets, license plates, hats, flip flops, and more at Key West Shells and Gifts, Conch Tour Train Gift Shop, Last Chance Gifts, and End of the Road.

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