Where To Escape The Crowds In The Keys

The Florida Keys attract countless travelers throughout the year who fill beloved attractions like Duval Street with joy and festivity. It’s a really fun place to visit and immerse yourself in people, and at the same time, it’s beautiful, and natural, and an excellent destination to find some seclusion. 

There are a number of ways and places to escape the crowds in the Florida Keys. Here are a few of our favorites.

Eco-Tours Of The Keys

Eco Tours make up some of the most unique experiences and excursions in the Florida Keys, as well as some of the best opportunities for escaping the crowds. Have a look at our breakdown of The Best Eco-Tours in Key West, and discover the best ways to get in touch with the magnificent nature surrounding us. 

You’ll find a number of fun trips like backcountry paddle boarding and guided kayak trips with Key West Eco Tours. There are also nighttime and sunset treks with Blue Planet Kayak Eco Tours with birdwatching included. You can also find fishing trips, as well as exploration of local mangrove forests and coral reefs. 

On The Road

We’ve said before that The Florida Keys is one of the best areas of the United States of America to take a roadtrip. Long bridge highways run from the cultural hub of Miami all the way down to The Parrot Key Hotel & Villas in Key West. Along the way, there are a number of interesting and exciting things to do including visiting state parks, eating at exceptional restaurants, and hanging on beautiful beaches. 

One of the best aspects of life on the road in the Florida Keys, is that you are secluded in your car with nothing but some music and the beautiful surroundings of the islands and water. At some point, you are on the road with water stretching to the horizons on both sides of you. 

At A Quiet Beach

There are a number of quiet beaches throughout Key West and the Florida Keys where you can go for a day of sunbathing, swimming, and crowd evasion. Looking around our island first, we recommend visiting the scenic, serene, and under-appreciated CB Harvey Memorial Rest Beach. There’s also a small, unmarked dog beach next to Louie’s Backyard restaurant, which is both lovely and quiet. 

Throughout the rest of The Florida Keys, you can find a number of quiet beaches that showcase the natural beauty of the area. We recommend exploring Coco Plum Beach and Sombrero Beach in Marathon, Florida. These are spacious destinations where guests can spread out and enjoy the calm of the ocean and indigenous Loggerhead turtles. 

Parrot Key Hotel & Villas

Of course, you’ll need a secluded spot to stay as well. Look no further than Parrot Key Hotel & Villas. We have an onsite restaurant, four swimming pools, and excellent service provided by a friendly staff. This all sums up to the fact that you can enjoy the sunshine and beauty of Key West, without the crowds of the public. 

Check out our luxurious and spacious accommodations to discover our favorite place to avoid the crowds in the Florida Keys. 

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