In Praise of Being A Key West Tourist

These days, the travel industry has a grudge with the word “tourist,” thinking it implies thoughtless, easy travel. We disagree. By ignoring some of a destinatination’s beloved attractions, travelers often miss the very things they came to see: what makes a place unique. 

So, here’s our ode to why being a tourist is actually great, with a brief guide to what attractions to see in Key West. 

Key West City Tours

There are a number of reputable tour companies that can take you around to the most popular sights and attractions in Key West for affordable prices. Two of the most well-known examples include Old Town Trolley Tours Key West, and Hop On Hop, Off Tours. Each company operates in major destinations around the world, and curates well-crafted loops from which guests can enjoy the city looking out off a bus or trolley, or by hopping off and exploring for a bit—free to linger and catch the next looping ride if need be. 

Another one of our favorite Key West city tours is Historic Key West Walking Tours. Our small island is easy and enjoyable to walk, which makes this option quite appealing. Key West walking tours include historical insights that cover old ship wrecks, the sponging and cigar industries, and sites like the Key West Memorial Sculpture Garden. 

Key West Adventure Tours

There are countless adventure and watersport excursions to enjoy in Key West, bringing some excitement to your tours of the local area. Fury Cat is one of the most well-known and top rated companies organizing such experiences. On its Ultimate Adventure Tour, guests get to take guided snorkel trips through local reefs, take jet ski and parasailing trips around the island, and visit a nearby water park. 

Another excellent company to check out for water and adventure tours around the area is Sebago Key West. The sailing excursions with this company are especially memorable with sunset and private charter options. You can also take kayaking trips, snorkeling adventures, and eco tours with Sebago. 

Local Eco-Tours

Considering the pristine beaches and low-lying reefs teeming with wildlife, the ecosystem of Key West is one of its most important characteristics. With this in mind, several visionaries have set up eco-touring companies and experiences for travelers to enjoy around the island. In addition to taking an excursion that’s conscious and sustainable, guests also get to enjoy traveling with local experts. 

One of our favorite examples of popular eco tours in Key West is the aptly named Key West Eco Tours, which offers backcountry kayaking and paddleboard tours. On these trips, you’ll get to explore mangrove islands and remote sandbars. Other companies offering similarly special experiences include Blue Planet Kayak Eco Tours, and Namaste Eco Excursions. For more details, check out our guide to the best Eco Tours in Key West

Food & Drink Tours

The eating and drinking on Key West is another major element of what makes this island famous. The collection of culinary influences converging on the destination include Carribean, Cuban, and Southern traditions. Check out Key West Food Tours for options like the Southernmost Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, the Seafood Lover’s Tasting Tour, and a can’t-miss Key West Bar Crawl. 

Discover more of Key West

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