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The Best Water Activity Rentals in Key West

Key West is an enviable destination throughout the year, and that’s mainly because of the island culture, and beautiful surrounding blue waters. There are countless ways to enjoy the environment and scenery including whiling away an evening with cocktails at a coastal bar, hikes on coastal trails, and heading out to sea yourself. 

For some specific examples, check out our guide to the best water activity rentals in Key West. 

Paddleboard & Kayak Rentals

There are many reputable watersport equipment rental services throughout the island of Key West, and all of them offer paddle boards and kayaks for daily and hourly sessions. When you’re looking for the right place, you may want to consider the tours they have on offer. Night Kayak Key West, for example, leads these super unique and wonderful excursions by flashlight after sunset. 

We are also quite partial to all of the wonderful eco-tours that a traveler can enjoy by paddleboard or kayak in Key West. Among the most highly rated groups leading backcountry paddle board ventures into mangrove islands and remote sandbars, there’s Key West Eco Tours, Blue Planet Kayak Eco Tours, and Key West Fishing, Kayak & Eco Tours

Jet Pack Rentals

This isn’t the future, and it’s not The Jetsons—jet pack rentals are just a real element of contemporary watersports in Key West and around the world. Strap up with a backpack-style machine that shoots duel streams of water down from around your shoulders, or under your feet, and then shoots you high into the sky. 

You can take group trips out with Florida Keys Jetpacks, the official jetpack flight provider of the Keys and Key West. Each outing provides participants with a jetpack attached to a 33-foot hose, specialized helmets, and the experience of a lifetime. You can also find jetpack experiences in Key West with Oceans Edge Key West, and Jet Pack Adventures

Florida Keys Jetpacks. Key West, FL 

Sail Boat Rentals in Key West

There are more than a few opportunities for lovers of sailboats to get out on the water in Key West. A number of reputable companies including Key West Boat Rentals, Key West Sailing Adventure, and Florida Keys Boat Rentals—which offers some more motorized options and variety. You’ll truly enjoy getting out under the sun with some fishing poles, or a few beers to take in Key West in style. 

One of our favorite boat rental services in Key West is Fun in the Sun Boat Rentals and Charters. The private trips are worth treating yourself to, especially if you have interest in snorkeling, fishing, dolphin watching, and venturing out to remote sand bars. Fun in the Sun also offers party booze cruises, lobstering, and more. 

Jet Ski Rentals in Key West

As with paddleboards, kayaks, and sailboats, Key West has more opportunities for you to rent jet skis than you’ll ever need. If you’ve never been on one of these fast-flying machines, it’s a truly exhilarating and breathtaking ride. The calm waters surrounding Key West provide an ideal surface for you to test your speeds on. 

Some of our favorite jet ski rental companies on the island of Key West include Ibis Bay Jet Ski Rental, Key West Jet Ski, and Sunset Jetski & Waverunner Tours. The latter of these examples provides these phenomenal tours on the larger waverunner jet skis, which provides an exciting way to explore the local shores. Another jet ski tour company we love is named Fury Water Adventures, and travelers rave about the fun excursions around the island, as well as the parasailing opportunities available. 

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