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Why Key West is the Perfect Destination for These Zodiac Signs

We’re approaching the end of January, and there’s no better way to start checking destinations off your bucket list in 2020 than by booking a trip on National Plan for Vacation Day. Join a world of fellow travelers committing to getting away this year, and start planning your special Key West vacation today at Parrot Key Hotel & Villas. The annual booking celebration takes place on the last Tuesday of every January, and it will fall on the 28th this year. 

Here at Parrot Key Hotel & Villas, we aren’t only looking at our calendars to find the best dates to get away, we’re also looking at the Zodiac calendar to help channel the best times to experience a destination full of vibrancy and diversity. 

Key West’s An Especially Choice Fit For These Signs: 

Aries For The Outdoor Adventure

We know that aries travelers tend to gravitate towards nature, and adventure, which means they’ll have a lot to explore around Key West. In particular, the many eco-tours running around the island give these outgoing voyagers a chance to be physically active while exploring local sights like mangrove islands and remote sandbars. Travelers can also discover a number of water sports, fishing, and sailing excursions throughout Key West and through the hotel’s on-site Water Sports partner.

Gemini For Local Culture

Geminis are known for their love of traveling, as well as their affinity for soaking up new thoughts and experiences. This all blends together to help make Key West one of the most ideal destinations for Gemini travelers imaginable. In particular, conversations with locals on Duval Street are socio-cultural dreams for the talkative Gemini. The generally festive scene attracts lively visitors from around the world, which creates the ideal atmosphere for a Gemini to thrive in. 

Capricorn For The History

Capricorns have a strong respect and interest in history. While Key West has amazing seafood, happy hours, and sunsets, it’s also an island rich with its own distinct background and stories. Among the many historical attractions worth visiting in Key West, there’s the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, the Southernmost Point of the Continental US, and the Truman Little White House. 

Staying With Parrot Key Hotel & Villas 

Parrot Key Hotel & Villas combines tasteful and spacious accommodations, including large villas that can accommodate up to 10 guests,  with a choice location on The Florida Keys’ most famous island. Book here on this National Plan for Vacation Day to discover Key West with us—we guarantee a great time, no matter your sign. 

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