Young couple having fun with friends on jetty in summer

Why Key West is the Perfect Destination for These Zodiac Signs

We’re approaching the end of January, and there’s no better way to start checking destinations off your bucket list in 2020 than by booking a trip on National Plan for Vacation Day. Join a world of fellow travelers committing to getting away this year, and start planning your special Key West vacation today at Parrot…

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The Best Water Activity Rentals in Key West

Key West is an enviable destination throughout the year, and that’s mainly because of the island culture, and beautiful surrounding blue waters. There are countless ways to enjoy the environment and scenery including whiling away an evening with cocktails at a coastal bar, hikes on coastal trails, and heading out to sea yourself.  For some…

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Experiencing The Southernmost Holidays in the USA

There are few destinations as sun-soaked and festive as Key West, Florida, which is why it’s an ideal place to travel during the holiday season. We take our celebrations out on the water in true local fashion with a lighted boat parade. We do offer our best local gifts for traveling shoppers at a local…

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Creating Key West Memories With Cyber Monday

We’re marching through another beautiful autumn season down here in Key West, and with Thanksgiving coming up, the winter holidays await just beyond. Millions of shoppers jump into this time of year with both feet, heading out with bellies full of turkey to score amazing deals when Black Friday has its midnight start. Even more…

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Running Routes In Key West

Just because you’re treating yourself to a sunny getaway on the beautiful island of Key West, don’t compromise that work you’ve been putting in at the gym. Keep yourself fit, and get out to see as much of this little hunk of paradise as possible during your upcoming stay at Parrot Key Hotel & Villas. …

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paddleboarding in the Keys

Staying Active on Vacation in the Keys

There are a lot of relaxing temptations when you come down to vacation in the Keys. You can easily while away days lounging on the beach, or by the pool sunbathing. And on the food side, our immersion of South Florida cuisine with Cajun, Cuban, and pan-Carribbean flavors gives travelers a lot of options. But…

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The Bucket List: Key West’s Top Attractions

Key West is a one of a kind destination that tends to attract returning travelers year after year. The food, the weather, the music, and the people all blend together to embody this relaxing and fun spirit that’s simply intoxicating. In addition, the island is stock full of intriguing history and culture. Throughout it all,…

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beach tote with flip flops and towels

What To Pack For A Key West Vacation

Your Key West vacation is coming up, which means it’s time to start organizing the most necessary belongings to take down for your island getaway. Luckily, with warm weather year round, and the undoubtable tropical vibes, packing for this trip should be simple, colorful, and enjoyable.  Looking at how to prepare for afternoons lounging by…

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In Praise of Being A Key West Tourist

These days, the travel industry has a grudge with the word “tourist,” thinking it implies thoughtless, easy travel. We disagree. By ignoring some of a destinatination’s beloved attractions, travelers often miss the very things they came to see: what makes a place unique.  So, here’s our ode to why being a tourist is actually great,…

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Where To Escape The Crowds In The Keys

The Florida Keys attract countless travelers throughout the year who fill beloved attractions like Duval Street with joy and festivity. It’s a really fun place to visit and immerse yourself in people, and at the same time, it’s beautiful, and natural, and an excellent destination to find some seclusion.  There are a number of ways…

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